New CD Release!

Instrumental Tribute To

The Beatles


New CD release by Clar Monaco/Sandalwood Sitar, entitled

'Kaleidoscopes & Hollyhocks'.

The CD is a collection of instrumental arrangements by Monaco of 11 songs by the Beatles.

The album's unique array of instrumentation includes instruments of India, such as Sitar, Tambouras, various India drums and percussion, interlaced with violins, guitars, keyboards and more.

Included on the album is Monaco's collaboration with his music guru, India's Bansuri Flute Master, Pandit Ronu Majumdar​. Together, they perform an introspective rendition of “Within You, Without You” as a homage to George Harrison. 

Other gems on the album are Monaco's 'spaghetti western' arrangement of "And I Love Her”, and his already popular rendition of “Eleanor Rigby”. 

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